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September 28, 2013


IGT Sign

IGT unveiled its new logo to the world this past week at the annual G2E trade show in Las Vegas. The photo above is the new sign in front of our corporate headquarters in Reno. As a composer at IGT, I have been aware for several months that the logo would be changing. But what I didn’t realize is how important a simple logo can be to identifying a brand.

IGT’s investment in branding made me think about how we perceive a product or service. So I decided to make a change to the Credits page on my Web site ( to be more in line with other sites that I respect. That included removing all of the tiny pictures of specific projects that I have worked on and replacing them with logos from some of the companies that have used my music.

As I started collecting the photos and arranging them on the page, I instantly recognized small images that meant something special to me. The more images I added, the more I realized that we all recall our own experiences when we see a familiar logo. I guess that’s where the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” came from.

Amazing how powerful a tiny graphic design can be.