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September 3, 2014


I recently had the pleasure of appearing on the Jack Price Radio Show.  Jack Price was a professional concert pianist for 41 years and is the founding partner and managing director of Price Rubin & Partners, a company which represents an impressive roster of classical and jazz musicians.

Most guests on the Jack Price Radio Show have been well-known names in those musical genres or film/TV music.  For example, Price has interviewed Academy Award-winning composer Bill Conti, Emmy Award-winning composer Hummie Mann, acclaimed conductor Gerard Schwarz, jazz great David Benoit and many more.  So it was a surprise and a real honor when a member of his team reached out to me and asked me if I would like to do an interview.

Price asked me about my work on video games such as “Rise of Nations,” “Rise of Legends” and the “MechWarrior” series, my collaborations with Simon James and the Northwest Sinfonia, the experience of watching legendary film composer Elmer Bernstein “in action,” the importance of technology in music and many other topics.  We chatted about my past projects as a composer for pinball games and video games, my current projects composing music for slot machines and production music for film and TV, as well as the advice I would give to aspiring composers.

I hope that our conversation might provide some valuable tips or insights to young people who want to know how to break into this exciting, but very competitive line of work.

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