It’s often hidden and not talked about. It’s sometimes valued, sometimes just considered old. But when experience is combined with passion, commitment, determination, drive and creativity, it’s a fuel that ignites in a major way.

Smart companies will look to hire employees or vendors that have a broad base of experience because they know it will benefit them in a variety of ways.

Your work is done at a high quality bar, which makes their products stand out from the rest. This results in a higher return on investment.

You know more about what works. You avoid costly mistakes because you know what doesn’t work and you are able to explain why.

While an experienced worker is more costly to hire, turnaround time is a lot quicker. You know the tools and are able to produce without burning a lot of time learning the process along every step of the way.

Experience also means that you have seen many trends and styles come and go. You know what worked 20 years ago and you know why it may or may not work again today.

Even when faced with something totally new, you know the overall process to obtain the end result and are able to adapt to, or create, a new way of doing things quickly.

Because you have a broad knowledge of your craft, you are more likely to come up with a successful creative idea. You know how to balance introducing something new, without totally eliminating what was good and working before your new idea.

All of these points add up to a value-added relationship that is a winning scenario for everyone.

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