I mentioned in my “Changes” blog post that I delivered a few audio files for an upcoming game. That afforded me the opportunity to purchase a larger monitor and another hard drive. It was a perfect example of the decades of changes I’ve made to my home studio.

I’m excited to announce that I got the good word yesterday that “Defense Grid Containment” (an expansion pack for the downloadable PC game “Defense Grid”) has been released and is available to purchase at http://store.steampowered.com/search/?snr=1_200_200_252_12&term=defense+grid. At the same time, it also brought back some great memories of creating the original game.

In 2008, I had the pleasure of working for Hidden Path Entertainment on the original “Defense Grid” video game. The company was founded by some trusted co-workers and good friends from my days of working at FASA Interactive and Microsoft Game Studios. They had a unique vision that I have never been able to resist — making a game that addresses all of the requirements.

I have worked in games, film, television, and location-based entertainment and worked with a lot of developers and producers during production. That experience exposed me to a wide range of production values. The unfortunate truth is that some projects didn’t address all of the elements that make up an immersive and entertaining product. The result is a project that does not resonate with the audience. The business model, story line, programming, art direction and audio direction are all equally important to success.

From my first “Defense Grid” meeting with Hidden Path, I knew that this would be one of those little games that would make a big statement in the tower defense game genre. All of the elements were being addressed and some of the brightest talents in the industry were working on the game. The results are evident by the success of the game and the “Defense Grid” community that continues to enjoy the world we created.

I hope you enjoy this latest update to a great game and look forward to working with Hidden Path Entertainment again in the near future!

DG Containment

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