Every once in a while, you need to change things up to give yourself a fresh perspective. In the case of composers who pretty much live inside their studios, that’s the place to make changes. Like a lot of composers, I have two studios. One is at my full time job at IGT and I also have a studio at home that has seen decades of changes.

I had a little window of time at IGT last week to do research on keeping my studios current. So at my IGT studio, I decided to upgrade my digital audio workstation, Digital Performer, to DP8. That, of course, led to discovering that more of my software needs to be upgraded. That will be this week’s challenge.

As for my home studio, I had an opportunity to deliver a few audio files for an upcoming game (that I’ll reveal as soon as possible). After working so long at my IGT studio, I’ve gotten used to certain things. So I decided to spring for a 27” main screen for my home studio. And like every upgrade I’ve ever done, it turns into a project that takes four times the amount of time that you think it will.

After all day yesterday and most of the day today, it’s up and running and I couldn’t be happier with the change. There are more changes in store this year and well worth all the work to get there.

Is it time for changes in your environment?

The latest Duane Decker Studio.

The latest Duane Decker Studio.

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