It’s a strange thing when you compose music for a living, although I suppose it’s the same in a lot of professions.  You find an inspiration, the spark ignites and you create something that means a lot (at least to you).  You then get side tracked by this thing called life.  While you have saved the file, the song fades into the background and is then forgotten.

But as Prince said in a song, “I’m here to tell ya…”

While doing some research for an upcoming blog, I came across a track that had long been forgotten.  I wrote and recorded it in 2009 and was obviously inspired by my passion for growling synthesizer lines.  Maybe that’s why I put it on the shelf.  Electronic music is not a popular genre these days and I probably felt that it didn’t sound current enough to release.

I can only assume that “Time Bleeds” was one of those flickers of inspiration that had a very short fuse.  Very intense, very heart felt, but something that I composed just for myself.  It meant a lot to me to hear it again, so it may resonate with others as well.  Although it may remain a track that only I feel connected to, you never know what the future holds.

My point is that you need to make sure that none of your work falls through the cracks.  No matter how many tracks you compose, regardless of whether you think the track will ever see the light of day, you need to catalog your work and register it so that it belongs to you.

It’s amazing how many tracks I’ve composed that have kept going way beyond what I had originally expected.  Even music that you think is not relevant in today’s market could tap into a culture or a vibe at some point.  But you will never know unless you try.

Organize your music and do the follow up.  You never know what might trigger (or retrigger) the next revolution in music.

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